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Lay of the Land

January 10 – February 20, 2014

Mikhail Zakin Gallery

Matthew Albanese

Giovanna Cecchetti

Gina Occhiogrosso

Wes Sherman

Curatorial Statement:

Welcome to Lay of the Land, an exhibition of contemporary landscapes in the Mikhail Zakin Gallery. Exhibitions in our gallery are designed to make contemporary art an accessible part of the cultural landscape in Northern NJ. Lay of the Land begins with a traditional concept and pushes the boundaries of the tradition for a group exhibition of distinctly contemporary work. It is our hope that students and visitors will come away with an expanded definition of landscape and to be inspired to push the limits of their own work.

Works in Lay of the Land expound upon the human experience of landscape. A variety of mediums are presented in expression of the unique vantage points of the artists involved. Some works have a direct relationship to observed landscapes, with deviations of varying magnitude based in personal expression. Other representations have passed through the prism of the artists’ experience, resulting in landscapes, impressed or fragmented by perception, and compiled for viewing.

The four contemporary artists in this show use combinations of abstraction and realism to convey emotion through their landscapes. These contemporary landscapes act as a stage for depicting the epic feelings of being human. Seen together, the works are a celebration of the multitude of ways to faithfully represent the lay of the land.

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